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Casting with bakelite/delrin?


Hey guys!

I'm starting on the road to making caps - picked up some casting resin and silicon for molds for the holidays, and have been playing around with a bit of Sculpey. I've yet to cast anything so I need to do a few test runs before I tried this, but wanted to ask if anyone had tried casting caps with Bakelite before? I'm hoping for a look like this:

Also thought these could be pretty interesting:

Mostly I'm interested in trying to make caps that sort of ride the line between opaque and translucent, and diffuse light similar to jelly pom sets. I'm just starting to learn about different material types but it seems like pom/delrin and bakelite share a lot of qualities and some chemical composition. Anyone tried casting with either of these materials?


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Nicest necro post ever :D


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