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[IC] Keyboard Rental?


Hello all!

dante has brought up a rather unique question: keyboard rentals. Should this be something for us to consider?

We have several LED defective keyboards which could be a good fit for this service as they are serviceable in every other way besides missing some LED functionality. This would allow people to 'rent' a keyboard in order to get a feel of the switch type and board construction before fully committing to a mechanical keyboard. If they don't want it, a return label is provided with the keyboard. Once we receive the rental keyboard back, the cost for shipping both ways, and a small rental fee will be deducted from the transaction, but the rest will be refunded as long as it has been returned 30 days from the date purchase. However, if the person decides they want the keyboard then they can do so, and simply discard the return label. The keyboards associated with this service would not be under any sort of warranty.

These are just a few ideas we have to make this sort of thing work, but if you have some other ideas, we would love to hear them.


I guess I was wrong. :)

I think it's a fantastic idea. I know I bought and sold a ton of keyboards just to try them. The only thing is that I'm assuming you'll only be renting newer keyboards but that's a great idea for people wanting to try Topre, etc..

I agree with digi.  I've always wanted to try Topre and Matias switches but I've never been able to justify purchasing a keyboard just to see if I like the switches.

So ~$50 to rent a keyboard? Makes no sense to me.


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