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how many ppl go for IT in school just because they are gamers

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nothing special about this post but im going for IT degree (idk if i said it properly correct me if there is something wrong) next year and i wonder how many ppl joined because "i like playing video games". guess random numbers and we will see who is right. also if any of you also were/are on IT degree how it was for you?

I did game but enjoyed building computers and messing abut with alternate operating systems too.

Landed up at a non IT campus so not surrounded by likeminded people, didn't concentrate hard enough to get good grades, chose a degree that wasn't specialised enough to get a job without relevant experience, didn't make any lifelong friends, and to top it off I'll probably still be paying off my student load when I retire.

In summary 2/10 - would not recommend.

not a student i just finished primary school. but that is very sad, i wish there wont be only "gamer" ppl in my school so something like this wont happen to me

I went to game design college because I was a gamer, but wound up just working in tech. I don't think companies or recruiters know or care what the differences are, if you have a degree in something computer related, apparently all your skills are transferable.

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do cs its pretty cool

engineering minus all the drawing


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