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how many ppl go for IT in school just because they are gamers

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Obviously my degree did absolutely nothing to help my career, but I learned a lot and took on a ton of new skills. Despite becoming an abject failure at life over the following 7 years.

I really thought about getting into tech but my brain is just not good with advanced math. I got a business degree and have a job that blends my love for design. creativity, business and helping people.

I am in the process of deciding if I want to get my MBA.

i am a gamer because i went into IT :) i was not a gamer before and far less of a gamer now that i am not at school surrounded by gamers anymore

My degree is in data science and I got into because I really like applied maths.  I'm not a huge gamer, but ironically, I often use games to train reinforcement algorithms.

I mean.
I was a gamer before I started in IT, now I do everything else. Sure I play once in a while but it's definitely not like I used to. For one I can't sit as long any more, I get restless, gotta do something away from the PC, guess I can thank the ex wife for that habit. And for number second, my concentration skills and aim are **** compared to my young self and it's noticeable and I hate it. :P

I didn't even know I wanted to work in IT though it just sort of happened. Went from internship to getting hired and have just kinda stuck around for 9 years now. 10 this coming February, that is if they don't cut my ass because of the budget before then.


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