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Custom Keycap Ideas Thread - all ideas welcome

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Personal keycap design I've been working on, but wanted to see if there was any interest from others? Current working set name is "DOMINO"

ANSI 108-key Cherry Profile Keycap Set
5-sided dye sublimation printing on 1.5mm PBT

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--- Quote from: Exquite on Sat, 11 November 2023, 19:20:34 ---I want some more colorful keycaps made by big brands such as GMK and SP.

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me too..

Hey All! I've been working on a custom set of caps and I wanted to see what others thought of it. I'm currently looking at getting them printed (sublimated) from GoblinTech but I'm new to this, so if there's other quality options for Cherry PBT, I'm all ears. Ideally looking for 108 key ANSI.
*Fixed images
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