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Debian for servers



Debian actually powers the server that hosts this website (as well as many other things).  Although that is a recent change from Gentoo.

I say that Gentoo is probably the best distro out there if you are really looking to cut your teeth and learn a bit about linux.  Ubuntu is pretty much the macdaddy these days as far as linux on the desktop.  (OS X is king for UNIX on the desktop IMHO)  :)


I can do in Linux exactly what I can do in XP crash my computer!

I am lost like a babe in the woods without my OS X.

Whiskey in the Jar-o:
I know that OS X is supposed to have proper WYSIWYG  font rendering - the screen looks as close to print as possible. But I cannot stand the blurriness. The small fonts are smudges. That's why I use Linux. I guess when we have 300 dpi screens, the problem will go away. I just can't wait for 5 years.


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