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The Yellow Mug software site is back up


Since I wiped and installed my HDD, I've got it all set up the way I wanted, with Quicksilver for my search / app launcher, iWork for homework, money, and writing, my CS3 and all my other programs, but I was missing something that actually made me stop listening to music: Sizzlingkeys, a freebie from Yellow Mug software.

I went to download it and the site was down. I couldn't even find a remote download site or anything. I stopped listening to music and that makes real writing harder for what ever reason. I hated it, but I just searched and it's up, down'd and installed, and I'm diggin' on some gangsta rap right now.

Sizzlingkeys, the free version, gives you keyboard shortcuts to control iTunes from any app you're in (except InDesign). You have volume, skip, pause and mute. I recommend it to every single Mac user.

And Quicksilver is way better than Spotlight as a search / app launcher. I have it set up so a quick tap of option brings up a little window, I type a letter or two, p brings up Pages and f brings up Firefox, but if I want a file or a folder, I type it's name, but unlike Spotlight, this is instant and it can search folders over a network. Great for work and home.


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