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staroffice vs openoffice

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How different is StarOffice from OpenOffice?  I just want to know if it's worth investing in.

Is there a demo you can try?

With office suites, if you like what you have don't bother switching. if you switch all the time you'll end up like me - I have a Frankenstein productivity set up:

Pages '08 - Word processor
Numbers - Spreadsheet / money
Photoshop CS3 - For Photoshopping
InDesgin CS3 - Document creation
PowerPoint (Mac '04) - Presentations for school

This "suite" cost me an embarrassing amount of money, but it is exactly what I need. Since it has no integration, I need to use some freebies to supplement it:

JView - photo viewer [way better than Preview]
Emacs - for bullying weird files open and for artifact-free text [you never think about that until you run into a problem and have to retype 54 pages :( ]
Quicksilver - App launcher, file opener

And this is not the perfect set up, nor is it a good set up for anyone except for me. Just try StarOffice, if you find a demo, I would be interested in trying it too.


--- Quote from: xsphat ---Is there a demo you can try?
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Isn't StarOffice bundled with the Google Apps package?

.I think thats Open Office.



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