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im simon and new here :)
« on: Sun, 26 December 2021, 07:59:55 »
wel hello i am simon
i am from the netherlands and ive been looking into this hobby for a while now
and I have just pulled the trigger on my first keycap set and now i would like to get the rest of the board as well

I am a CNC machinist for my day job and i also own my very own CNC milling machine
I am also planning on machining cases maybe even keycap in the future if I can get the files for the caps themself

besides that, i also do some stuff with electronics and a bit of biohacking
I have multiple chips in my hands that allow me to open doors login into my pc etc

i would also like to be able to help people here with my skills as a CNC machinist

with kind regards simon :)