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Title: Hey guys, it's me, nice to meet you!
Post by: eALduderino on Sun, 29 March 2020, 03:40:12
Hey guys,
I finally made an Account after going back and forth the last 4 -6 weeks.
I'm AL, eALduderino. I#m new to this game but I'm playing to win, baby! :cool:
I'm hooked since I felt that feeling of double shot keycaps, supported by libricated tactile mechanical switches. And the sound, oh boy the sound!
Now I want to build my own! I'm looking for an 80% form factor that has it all. Preferably TKL with standard keycap sizes, per-key RGB (maybe under glow too).
A nice Quality case of a nice deep and powerful dark color, with shiny brass or copper key switch support plate. It should be hot-swappable since I'm on my journey to find my personal holy grail of switches (Tested optical Gateron browns, tactile Kailhs and the usual Cherry MX suspects red blue and brown, I also have a roamer G KB and played on a Razer Huntsman for a while. USB-C wired connection and, not necessarily but a desirably wireless option would be also welcome within that fancy Keyboard housing. The usual PCBs and cases in stock did not get me all tingly and stuff. I was about to buy the Drop CTRL but somehow my guts would tell me no! Maybe because of the plate mounted stabilizers. Finally, I joined your church in the hope you guys could help me find my peace and stop looking and roaming the internet for endless hours to find the right PCB and Case.
Thank You for having me!