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Hi Everyone!

We are glad to share with you that Zoom65 EE V2 is live from and most vendors :)

Zoom65 EE V2 collection page

Zoom65 EE V2 Photo Gallery

Zoom65 EE V2 Configurator

What’s New with Zoom65 EE V2

1.New case colors: Ivory Cream, Teal, Cyber Yellow, GT Silver

2.Seamless side profile

3.PCB with daughterboard

4.PCB with per-key RGB

5.Glass/PVD backplate design

6.Easier-to-install sleeve gaskets

7.New Stabilizers (WS Stabs V3)

Zoom65 EE V2 Reviews/Live streams

* starfirepenguin

* Alexotos

* Simulator Tech

* ThockyDocKey

* CaviteTech // Johan Villanueva

* Rx003

* :3ildcat

More will be updated before and during GB

Next - Level Customization

Zoom65 EE V2 Configurator

126 Default combinations

* 14 case and backplate combos (the same color)

* 9 knob&weight combos (the same color)

You can choose up to 126 color ways as your default keyboard kit.

19404 DIY combinations

* 14 case colors

* 14 bottom plate colors

* 9 knob&weight combo

* 11External weights

From add-ons, you can choose up to 19404 combinations to DIY your dream board.


ANSI, ISO, split spacebars, step caps lock, right shift, backspace

Bluetooth 5.0 PCB that supports VIA, battery included.

This is the default PCB of all Zoom65 Essential Edition. You customize it through VIA.

This PCB can be used in wired or wireless mode.

There will be a battery included with every Zoom65 Essential Edition. You do not need to source one yourself.

Kit Contents

Aluminum top & bottom case of buyer's choice

Aluminum / SS external weight of buyer's choice

Aluminum/brass rotary knob matching the external weight.

Hot-swap, multi-layout Bluetooth /VIA PCB with per-key RGB

Polycarbonate plate

Set of WS Stabilizers V3

2300 mAh Li-ion battery

Coiled USB-C cable

Full foam kit


Screws and other installation tools and accessories

Faux suede storage case


Gasket mount design

6.5°Typing angle

20mm front height

GB Pricing

* ZOOM65 Essential Kit (Aluminum weight & knob)-$159

* ZOOM65 Essential Kit (PVD mirror SS weight & brass knob)-$179

GB Schedule

GB Time: Jan. 26, 2023 - Feb 13, 2023

There will be a soft limit according to production materials we prepared, GB may be closed earlier if quantity reaches to the limit earlier.

Delivery Time: early April, 2023, start sending to Meletrix direct customers or vendors

Thank you for taking the time to read our post. Please join Meletrix Discord for more frequent updates.
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Approved :thumb:

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Thank you very much :)