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Disclaimer :

If you guys have any issues with your set (bad escape key for exemple), you have to contact the proxy where you bought the set, and send a picture of your problem.

Hi everyone, It's Enjoy', I'm really proud to announce that the Group buy for GMK Wavez is live and it's not an april fool !
The group buy will be live the 1st april to 1st May ! :thumb:


* NA : Cannonkeys
* EU : Candykeys
* ASIA :Zfrontier EN or Zfrontier CN
* AUS : Dailyclack


Base kit - $119.99 - MOQ of 250 : Reached

Kobe kit - $64.99 - MOQ of 100 : 40/100

Novelty kit - $59.99 - MOQ of 150 : MOQ Reached

Spacebars kit - $27.99 - MOQ of 100 : MOQ reached

Numpad kit - $36.99 - MOQ of 100 : MOQ Reached

Rama Keycap with glow enamel - $41.99 - MOQ of 50 : MOQ Reached

Collabs :

Apart from these kits, I also managed to collab with people to make some nice add-ons to this set. (NOT AVALIABLE ANYMORE)

- I collabed with 3 artisans makers for this set since some of you guys probably love resin, the makers are the following :

- Keyforge : Wavez Shishi and Orochi

- Alpha keycaps : Wavelenght Keypora

- CYSM : Thomas and Play button in 2 colorways !

Note that only people who will join the GB will have access to the raffles ! Everything you need to know about the raffles including the links to enter them will be on each product page of each proxy !

Renders :

Some renders to show the possibilities you have with all kits ! :thumb:

And a render of the packaging made by Biip, who also did the awsome novelties for this set !

Colors used for this set are RAL Colors : RAL 6038(legends and accents), RAL 5020 (alphas) , RAL 5008(modifiers), NOTE that RAL colors can be adjusted to match the set perfectly ! (like bento did for exemple)  :thumb:
I thought it was irrelevant to communicate them since they will be changed and optimized for the set but here you go.

Finally I'd like to thank everyone of you guys, the journey was long but we're finally there, I'm so excited for this Group buy and I'm sincerly greatfull of your support, you guys are amazing and without you, none of this would be possible.

Thank you sincerly from the bottom of my heart, writting that GB post makes me emotionnal, If one day someone would have told me that I'll be doing such a thing I would have laugh to him... but now it's finally real.

Thank you to everyone, Proxies, Artisans makers, closed friends, and you guys, thank you so much.

Special thanks to :

- Biip (#BroLove)
- Otanishock (#BroLove2)
- Toastyparty
- Oldcat
- Tesletron
- Jinnnxxu
- Visionnaire
- Janglad
- Candykeys
- Cannonkeys
- Dailyclack
- Zfrontier

update : 4/20 :

Hi guys, I'm writting this little message to announce that we sold more than 300 base sets which is really nice, so to thank all of you guys I collabed with keyforge again to make an other shishi related to wavez, a raffle will be live as soon as pics will be provided by keyforge

hope you guys are enjoying this little gift, deskmats are also in making process, thanks a lot for your support.

EDIT : 25/04

Hi guys, I should recieve pics and do the keyforge raffle soon.

quick update for the numbers :

Base : 350
Numpad : 100
Novelties : 220
Spacebars : 150
Kobe : 40/100
Rama : 65

Feel free to give some love to Kobe guys, it's a really nice Add on to the set !
Waiting on your feedback as always  :thumb:

Thank you again for your support, you guys are insane  :p

(Soon to be posted : Keyforge alternative shishi raffle ! )

EDIT : 29/04

Hi guys : KEYFORGE Raffle is live for 24 hour if you joined the set, feel free to join the new keycaps look wonderfull !

Link to join the form : over.

Group buy ends in 3 days guys, I hope we can reach the 500 MOQ and make Kobe happen so feel free to join !  and thank you so much again for your support !  :thumb:

update 12/05

Hi guys, sorry for the long wait but here are the final numbers for GMK Wavez  :thumb:

Numbers with extras !

Base : 525 (639)/250

Kobe : 61 (74)/100       Still will be made !  :thumb:

Novelties : 334 (391)/150

Spacebars : 216 (257)/100

Numpad : 137 (166)/100

Rama keycap : 104 (123)/100

I guess that this concludes the Groupbuy, I sincerly didnt expect that you guys will get soooooo many kits !
Iím really proud and happy about this groupbuy, I couldnt really ask for more, your support was really Insane and I canít wait to share the samples when Iíll recieve them, aswell as interact with you guys again.

As you can clearly see a lot of novelty kit were sold, for me theyíre really essentials for the set, you guys really love them and without my dear friend Biip this set would have been way different ! So thank you brother  :p

I think we also can thank GMK for letting kobe be a real thing even if it didnt pass MOQ, this is really kind from them, they didnt have to do it but its a really nice thing that they did.

Ill post update later on about the deskmat as soon as the proto will be in my hands !

I might say it a bit too much but thank you again guys, thank you for making this set a success, you are the best !  :cool:

Edit : 01/07/2019

Group buy for the Wavez deskmat is live at cannonkeys :  :thumb:

Approved, GLwGB

Best of luck, man! This is one sexy set, more icon mods for the people!

MOQ first day <3



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