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Looking for full sized keyboard with no gap above arrows

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I am looking for a mechanical keyboard with a specific layout, where there is no gap between the arrows and the keys above (PGUP, PGDN, DEL etc...). I know this is a very weird and specfic question, but I thought maybe someone knows a mechanical keyboard like that.

Here is a picture of what I mean:

One important thing to note is that it needs to have the numeric pad as well, so a full sized mechanical keyboard.

In case you're wondering why I need this, I've been playing FPS games for almost 2 decades with those keybinds and I'm just so used to it. But I would like to play on a mechanical keyboard. I just can't switch to WASD. I found several membrane keyboards with this layout, but couldn't find a mechanical one.

Thank you!

You may want to consider getting an ortholinear for a gaming pad. 

Where you able to find keyboards like this?? I have the same problem as you.

This would be the perfect way to learn how to handwire your own board. Go to KLE, paste the blow into the "raw" field and find a company to cut you a sandwich case. Find yourself a Microcontroller with 27+ GPIO and handwire it following any of the guides online. What you are describing would be so incredibly niche that you would only find that in a small run group buy or if someone like yourself designed a PCB and had extras. The plate/case would be 100% custom because it's non-standard which is why you wouldn't find any off the shelf PCBs/Cases.

["Esc",{x:1},"F1","F2","F3","F4",{x:0.5},"F5","F6","F7","F8",{x:0.5},"F9","F10","F11","F12",{x:0.25},"PrtSc","Scroll Lock","Pause\nBreak"],
[{y:0.5},"~\n`","!\n1","@\n2","#\n3","$\n4","%\n5","^\n6","&\n7","*\n8","(\n9",")\n0","_\n-","+\n=",{w:2},"Backspace",{x:0.25},"Insert","Home","PgUp",{x:0.25},"Num Lock","/","*","-"],
[{w:1.75},"Caps Lock","A","S","D","F","G","H","J","K","L",":\n;","\"\n'",{w:2.25},"Enter",{x:0.25,a:7},"","","",{x:0.25,a:4},"4\n←","5","6\n→"],

Just thinking about what I've worked with over a lifetime in IT, if you don't want to go full custom or rubberdome then you may end up having to source a point-of-sale keyboard:

Image gratuitously stolen from Reddit

and then work on remapping keystrokes in software.

Also for what it's worth, there are a lot of complaints about the layout that you're looking into, apparently the power key is so close to commonly used keys like bksp that a lot of people end up prompting to shutdown or else shutting down their computers when using it.

There were some terminal keyboards whose arrow keys are closer to the six-block, but this was achieved by moving-up the arrows, not moving-down the six-block, and the functions of the six-block are not the same.  They also lack most of the modifier keys, and sometimes even lack keys like Esc.  For what it's worth I've been tempted to make a WYSE-85 work as a PC keyboard but in reality the only real advantage in doing that would be the nifty-factor for having something never meant to be a PC keyboard drive a PC.  It would mostly just be a hassle.


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