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HMX Macaron Linear Switch Review


So if you browse the interest check section, there is a post about these switches.  I decided to go out on a limb and try these out as these are currently in stock at,

Switch Info:

Switch Type: Linear
Stem Material: POM or POK
Top Housing: PC
Bottom Housing: Nylon
Operating Force: 46g
Bottom out Force: 55g
Spring: 22 mm single stage spring
Pre travel: 2.0 mm
Total Travel: 3.6mm

The first thing that i noticed when i got these switches was how smooth the action was.  I decided to get the factory lubed option to see how good it was and was pleasantly surprised.  Theres almost no spring ping and the spring action was smooth the entire way through.  They come standard with the POK stems which offer more of a clack tone however do wiggle a bit.  They also send along with it a set of POM stems which are un-lubed and offer more stability in the stem if that is what you are looking for.  I did not try these so i cannot comment on the performance or sound.

Putting these into my keyboard and then typing on them i really like how light these feel.  Theres almost no finger fatigue that i've noticed due to the incredibly light actuation point and when matched with a board with a bouncy feel (zoom65 is quite bouncy) the typing experience  Almost like you're typing on a trampoline which ive really enjoyed.  I wouldnt really recommend these for gaming however.  I tried a few games of League of Legends as well as Diablo 4 and Baldurs Gate 3 and i noticed that with how light these are i was activating keys by accident.

Now my experience with linear switches in general is relatively low, i can probably count on one hand the amount of linear switches i've tried as for a long time i've always been team tactile, (which btw if you're looking for a good tactile, my favorites are the Neapolitan Ice Cream switches).  However i have to say these have been my most favorite linears ive ever used.  The feel is just really really nice, i find myself wanting to just type out stuff just for the sake of typing.

As far as sound goes, i love these for a good clack build.  The way i built the Zoom65 was with a PC plate, PCB foam and Plate Foam, but i omitted the case foam.  I wanted something with a clack top end but a rounded bottom end and these fit the bill perfectly.  Matched with double shot ABS keycaps, the tone is just intoxicating to me. 

Definetly recommend picking up a set if you are looking for a solid Linear switch.

Now, my experience with linear switches in general is limited; I can probably count the number of linear switches I've tried on one hand because I've always been team tactile (and by the way, if you're looking for a nice tactile, my faves are the Neapolitan Ice Cream switches).  geometry dash

Switches from HMX really stand out with its performance and price. I'm not trying to brag or advertise about it, but it's stock smoothness and no spring ping or leaf ping are real. It is much more rigid to type than Gateron CJ, not as mushy as Oil King, not pinging as Owlab neon, and not as lethargic as tropical water, not shaking like hell like banana split or sandy feelings like SOTC (overrated). However, I'm not recommending Machiccato as the new patch receives many negative feedbacks. The one I'm using now on my main board is HMX Rainbow.


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