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Recommend a keyboard like the Apple A1243?


Hi -- I know it's not a popular variety among keyboard enthusiasts, so forgive me if this is an annoying question:

I love the feel of the Apple A1243 keyboard (MB110LL)
Pic here

I use linux, and unfortunately the bootloader (grub) fails to recognize this keyboard (most of the time), which is a deal-breaker because I can't select the OS I wish to boot on bootup. (And even once booted there are occasional issues with it.) I have done a ton of troubleshooting and tweaking of configurations, trying different ports, etc, and can't make it reliable. I also got a second one off eBay but it has the same issues.)

So I'm seeking keyboards that have a similar feel, but I'm coming up empty, and wondering if anyone can recommend anything.

I tried the newer Apple A1843 "magic keyboard" which worked fine in the bootloader, but I couldn't stand the feel of it.

Other keyboards I checked out at a store that I did not love (this is just what they happened to have):

Logitech MX Mechanical
Logitech MX Keys S (was OK, I guess, but not great)
Logitech MX Keys Mini (also OK, but didn't love the spacing)
HyperX Allow Origins Core
HyperX Alloy Core RGB

Anything else I should be looking at that has a similar feel to the A1243?


So, most membrane keyboards, even low profile with laptop style mounting, will fall into the "tactile" category.  Then, these apple things have flat keycaps with minimal travel.  I don't enjoy them, but the closest equivalent that might still be kinda fun is something like a Keychron K5 max or a Nuphy Air 96.  Either can be had with low profile "Brown" switches, which will fall in that tactile category.  If you're really determined to get white keycaps, the low profile XVX should fit and work well, and they're cheap, but I haven't tried them on anything except regular switches.

Really appreciate the suggestions, thanks! In case anyone has any other suggestions, I realized I should have been more clear about my desired qualities:

TLDR: ~105-key layout, low-profile/compact is nice but not required, tactile keys with sharp force curve drop-off, quiet

I like a sharp-as-possible bump in the force curve (a "steep cliff" they might call it?); sounds like the MX Brown is the go-to, but I've read that the Wisteria might have a sharper rollover in the bump (and maybe Banana as well?). Any other recommendations along those lines? The NuPhy + Wisteria sounds like a strong candidate, but I'm not psyched on the compact layout.

- I don't much care what it looks like
- low-profile is nice, but I'm not attached to that if there is a good option in a regular size switches
- I do want it to be quiet; I love the feel of clicky mechanical keys but I can't stand the sound, so I think tactile is the way I'll have to go, unless there exist clicky keys that are actually as quiet as tactile keys?

Thanks again!


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