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Xwhatsit Displaywriter Beamsping Controller - "No controller found"


I recently got an xwhatsit usb-c converter for a displaywriter beamspring keyboard that is not being recognized by the "ibm-capsense-usb" program necessary to run it. The device is recognized as "ATmega32U2 DFU" when connected but the program reports that it can't detect the controller. I'm using the 0.9.0 version from the only link I could find, but that's from 2014 and may be out of date. Am I missing something obvious like the newer software or is the board not working? I followed the manual and typical static shock prevention.

Well I figured out that this is really outdated, flashed the current firmware from the beta QMK Configurator website for the Displaywriter, but I can't find any working links to whatever pandrew QMK utility I need to set it up and the only link on the ModelFKeyboards website just links back to the homepage. Anyone have a link to that?


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