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Looking to sell my limited boards and keycaps, how much are they worth?


I'm realized that I've just been sitting looking at the closed boxes of quite expensive keyboards (and keycaps) that I GB'd years ago. While waiting for those GB's, I realized I preferred a 75% layout over a 65% layout, and found that I prefer different keycap profiles as well.

Phase One 65 case and board

This is from the first drop they did (I think other ones were a modified board in other colors IIRC). Normal layout (not WKL), beige color, brass, alu, and poly plates, 2 extra badges (all in white), basically every upgrade.
Order says didn't include extra foam but it looks like they included it anyway since there are 2 in the box. Original box and never used, only unpacked to take pictures (can provide).
Order image:

This pairs well with...

Less but Better caps

The keycaps to go with the above board. Have the US-english alpha core set (all the normal keys), the colored dots, and the novelties. Sealed, never opened, can provide images as well.

Order image:

Delta 65 in Lavender

HOLY CRAP IS THIS THING HEAVY!!!!! I have multiple keyboards with brass weights but I just measured this thing (in the fancy carrying case) at 10.8 lbs!!!!

Comes with brass weight, brass plate, stainless steel dial, and is in a gorgeous lavender for the back.

Order image:

Image with case:
 IMG_7281.HEIC (3016.1 kB - downloaded 33 times.)

GMK Dracula Git Core (Base)

Box still in plastic seal

Order image:

Physical image:
 IMG_7289.HEIC (2848.6 kB - downloaded 25 times.)

Go on r/mechmarket and use the search function to see how much your stuff is selling for. If you can't sell it at that price after a week or two, lower the price and see if anyone bites.

Depends if they are from a sought after designer otherwise 30% under retail these days and even then keyboards move slow these days.

thanks all, I will try these out!


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