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Converting a Toshiba T5200 laptop keyboard to USB

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Thanks for the info. :) It sounds like the hardest part will be working out the matrix. If the switches are not numbered, how would you do this? I've just emailed InduKey, I hope it won't cost too much.

The second time I did the matrix deciphering was on my Cherry project board and the switches were not numbered. It was easy as well. You need a continuity tester that beeps so you don't always have to look back and forth. Number the connectors on your 'board. Then press one key down with a small weight so it stays pressed. Now check for continuity by trying every connection with every other. I just scratch over the contacts. The first one can be found faster if you follow the circuit paths. After that, switches that lay close together are usually next to each other at the contacts. It follows a pattern, as soon as you find that it's done in no time.

As for price, I think the controller was about Euro 50,- but with cable, shipping etc. it was more like Euro 80,-.

Thanks lowpoly, that was really helpful.


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