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"Quiet Touch" -> buckling springs

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I'm going to be retro-fitting one of my "Quiet Touch technology" M5-2's (see Unicomp's On-the-Ball keyboard) to buckling springs.  So I figured I'd document it here.  

Here's the keyboard:

And here's what actuates the membrane switch (pushes the two membrane sheets together):

The backplate came off without issue:

And here are the membrane sheets:

Good luck on this. I will be keeping an eye for sure.

Same here. Hope it turns out all right.

I also happened upon another Model M2 which has "quiet touch".  I will be retro-fitting that one with buckling springs as well.  (a much easier project since there is no metal backplate and plastic rivets to deal with)  Keys and rubber actuation sheet (whatever you want to call it) are exactly the same as on the Model M5-2.

Looks like this project is dead.  Unicomp won't sell the neoprene sheet that sits between the buckling spring assemblies and the membrane sheets.  They will sell the entire assembly (backplate, top, and innards all assembled), but it seems silly to replace everything but the shell.

Speaking of which, I would have to replace the controller as well.  According to Unicomp:

--- Quote ---Also, the rubberdome controller used in the keyboard you have is different than the controller used on buckling spring keyboards. Again, the controller will work but you will be compromising performance. The switch timing and debounce algorithms are completely different between the 2 keyboards.
--- End quote ---

I found that quite interesting.


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