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I'm gonna blame xsphat for this

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Very nice mod! :eek:

Why isn't it adjustable anymore?

Considering all that work you should add black tape on the left hand to hide the pcb to finish it off, either way looks very cool. How do you get F-keys though?

Thanks all for the compliments. The physical mod took about a day, the only difficulty was installing the 6 miniature button switches for the weird plastic buttons. The electrical part took about 3 days, should have taken less but I didn't do the pcb tracing until after cutting. A VERY BAD mistake. Its no longer adjustable for 2 reasons. First my wiring is not a good substitute for a ribbon cable. I'm sure there are wire strains now and movement would aggravate that. Second is the evener arms in the lower case needed to be removed to allow room for the controller board. Safest bet for me was just to glue the 3 pieces together at the angle I use.

I've never used Fkeys, so there not being there is makes no difference. Because there were 5 buttons along the right side of the board I did use the power key for an F12. Thats the Mac superdrive eject. There was no other key I could even think of needing. btw, the other 4 buttons on the right are the arrow keys.

What's really great though is the beauty of typing on this thing. I've never had a board that feels this nice. It's glorious to just pull the keyboard out, lean back with my head against the rest, close my eyes and type. The auditory feedback from the clickiness just adds to the comfort. Only thing missing is a little bell to go off every 80 characters. Maybe I should.....

I really want to thank xsphat especially. Without that modification find I'd be typing on a Modular Mac now. And my wrists would be hating it.


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