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ALPS spring surgery

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I shortened the spring in one of the cream ALPS in my Apple Extended Keyboard II and the switch is much lighter now, even lighter than Cherry MX browns. The actuation point is the same. I only cut a little off the spring.

I might do the whole keyboard depending on whether or not I can get used to the slightly stiffer feeling of ALPS switches. If I do, I'll try trimming a little less first to see if I can approximate the Cherry browns.

Did you pull the spring to the original length after cutting?

I didn't. I fitted it as it is in the photo, with the trimmed end going into the stem.

And the cap didn't 'sink in'? Does it mean there's usually some pre-tension applied?

There's no change to the stem height/protrusion. I think the leaf holds the stem up. Initially I thought shortening the spring might not affect the stiffness of the switch, just the force of the stem returning upwards.


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