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Black on Brown ( or Blue )


Got a picture of MX/red stem and spring from my friend.
After examining the pics, I decided to set forth Black on Brown adventure.

Base keyboard; G80-1800HPU ; double injection key caps, brown MXs
donor keyboard; any of those which have black/MX. Mine were from Wyse terminal boards.

attachements are
1800 front image, bottom label, brown module on the PCB, stem and spring ( brown and red )

To be continued due to limitation of attachments...

This adventure is testing purpose only to confirm key feels of Black on Brown.
Thus I changed right half of the main keyboard and left the other half in original status ( browns ).

Step1: remove key caps from base keyboard.

Step2: remove upper housing from switch module
          unlock latches at the right side of each module, then do same at the left.

Step3: remove upper housings
          for step2/3 you'd better to make your own hand made tool like           lozb in appropriate tool make your mx adventure easier.            Pic step_3 captured after i removed upper housings from target modules.  
Step4: remove black key stem from donor module

Step5: place black stem onto base of switch module and original spring of mx/brown.   Pic was taken after all target modules were assembled.

I also changed 3 number keys to pure mx/blacks so that I can compare browns - light blacks - blacks.

This is a very simple modification as you see.
Those who likes linear feel but mx/black is too strong to you, it's worth to try Black on Brown ( or Blue ).  You may never be back to original mx/black.
Someday I'll try springs in mx/blue to see if they are much better than those in used in mx/brown.
Please do not ask me how i feel "black on brown" switches.  Unable to write it in English.    let me say advance

Nice mod! Gotta try it when I have some time :)

Actually, some time ago I modified a Cherry black 'board with brown switches internals (stem + key). I didn't think about replacing only the springs, making it a low-force linear keyboard, as you did.

My only concern is that the lower force springs without the "bump" from the brown switches will make it very difficult not to bottom out the keys. But it's definitely worth a try :)


--- Quote ---
Please do not ask me how i feel "black on brown" switches. Unable to write it in English.

--- End quote ---

awww, but thats exactly what I want to know :)

comparison of coil springs

from left to right

G80-1834HPU/Brown '99 -- same source with Majestouch/Blue --  g80-1800HFU/Blue '99 -- DTK SPK102C/Blue mfg date unk


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