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KPT-84 ALPS replacement


I started replacing the switches in the KPT-84 today. I thought I'd start with a row so I could compare the two types in the same keyboard.

Removing some of the donor ALPS was hard, their pins were bent and it was very difficult to bend them back. Care must be taken to avoid damaging solder pads or pins in the process.

When I saw that all the pins were bent in KPT I thought this mod wasn't meant to be. I already felt bad for removing switches from donor board because I wanted to keep it working. Fortunately the pins in simplified ALPS were much easier to bend back. In contrast, the switch modules were easier to pull out from the metal plate mounting than the plastic plate in KPT. I had to use a small screwdriver for leverage in the latter.

After putting it back together I noticed simplified ALPS are a little louder, higher pitched, with more attack and resonance. So the case does make a difference, but the switches themselves sound (and feel) different too. I think lower voicing of real ALPS sound better in this small keyboard. The KPT is still the loudest clicky keyboard I have, followed by the Ortek and 5576-A01.

Good job!  Caps are from AEKII ?

Thank you Sandy. :) The keycaps are from Apple Extended II.

Nice mod, Chloe. The simplified Alps in the KPT are the loudest ones I have too.


--- Quote ---with more attack
--- End quote ---

Great adjective.  Thats what I like in a keyboard - attack.  The Dells are nice, but are a little flacid in comparison to the M1.  The M1 definitley has "attack."


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