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Stealth Mini

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Used three heavy coats of Plasti-Dip Spray and RIT-dyed keys from a fellow forum member. Smudges and such aren't noticable to the naked eye, but the camera flash picks everything up. Oh well.

you mean plasti-dip as a sealer? Looks neat. Is that gloss krylon on the frame?

The Plasti-Dip was sprayed directly on the frame. The keys are merely RIT-dyed, no sealer. The photos exaggerate the glossiness, it's really more of a matte rubber finish.

oh so you used black plasti-dip? interesting...
is that stuff staying on?

It stays on pretty well, actually. I accidentally banged in on the wall as I set it up, which peeled off a little bit on the back corner, but no amount of rubbing with my fingers does any damage.

I also tested the spray on a spare mouse. Using matte Krylon Fusion as an undercoat makes the Plasti-Dip stick like it's part of the plastic. Impossible to chip off. I want to be able to peel the stuff off of the board later, so I opted to avoid this step.


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