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Model M case different material than keys?


I tried dyeing a Model M.  The keys, and the stems from the few two piece ones, came out perfectly, but the case just wouldn't take the dye.  It would just become a darker gray, looking as if it were just a filthy keyboard.

There was no problem with the dye; I tried enough orders and variations with multiple dye baths and keyboard sets that I can rule out anything like that.

What is the difference between them, and has anyone successfully dyed the case of a Model M?

I suppose that I could just paint and seal the case; since it doesn't get touched often it should last for a long time.

The case is most likely a different plastic, possibly ABS or HIPS. Some plastics (nylon, PBT) take the dye better.

That would explain the lack of yellowing on older boards. Melting point is only 80C so more heat won't help.


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