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[IC] GMK HASRO/SAV Add-on kit - Vendors Announced

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GMK HASRO/SAV Add-on kitTastierarossa by Skok
This set is intended to pay homage to OG dye sub HASRO/SAV sets, but in ABS rather than PBT. I originally wanted to run a full base kit but decided to run alphas only to not conflict with sets running soon or that have run recently. The original version was run a long time ago in 2017, so I want to bring it back slightly modernized with Qarmaa's updated sublegends. Thank you for taking the time to read through this post and please fill out the IC form with any feedback.
Photo from Litster on Deskthority
KittingKitting is still yet to be finalized. If you have any comments or suggestions about the kitting please leave a note in the IC form.
ColorsL9 U9 CR P3
Board RendersRenders by Skok. Boards in order: Jane V2 by TGR, Tastierarossa by Skok
Pricing(TBA) and VendorsUS Vendor - SEA Vendor - iLumkbCA Vendor - DeskHeroAU Vendor - SwitchkeyEU Vendor - CN Vendor - zFrontierKR Vendor - Swagkeys
Special ThanksSimon's Discord CommunityAndyV’s Discord CommunityKeyboard Render Kit and its Discordqarmaa for the sublegendsSkok for the renders
If you have any other questions, comments, or are a vendor interested in running this set, please reach out to me on discord: Peter#1369

UpdatesChanging sublegends to qarmaa's thick sublegends.
Moving the sublegend on the pipe key and ~ key to better match the original keycaps.Adding mod pipe and mod tilde to the kitAdding icon+text tab as well to the kitAdded SEA and US VendorsChanged overall kitting from suggestions from the IC formAdded Vendors


Add on kits are so based



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