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【IC】The First Full LY Material Switch

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Aregs Keyboard:

Hello! Here is NLandkeys, I'm Aregs.

First off. Thank you all so much for liking Flower Shadow Switches, they've now been ReStocked three times but once again quickly Out of stock, and after many requests, we've decided to open up a round of Pre-orders and they'll be shipping in September!

New review from Shoobs:


LY is a hybrid material with an extremely low coefficient of friction,they are currently the smoothest material, the coefficient of friction can reach 0.02, the coefficient of friction of POM is about 0.3, at the same time just like the special sound that can be brought by the switch of all POM material, all LY material can bring a very unique sound, with an extended spring and Long Pole stem, he will have a very elastic and feedback feeling

People say LY is the smoothest material, so what if every part of switches is made of LY?

That's really too smooth! And the sound is too clean! Try them!

LY Housing
LY Stem
Total travel 3.1mm
Pre-travel 2.0mm
operating force 37g
bottom force 50g
two-stage spring
Manued by Bsun

Sound Test and more reviews:

Reviews by GeeKey from South Korea

Reviews by Daihuku Keyboard from Japan

Arpey Keys


Pre-Order Link:

Our discord:

Lastly, thanks again for all the support and love from my friends! We are a relatively new business, but we are more than happy to listen to suggestions and correct them quickly, and are willing to work hard to make a better product! Thank you all!

Lets not get too crazy now.

So what is LY?

Anybody want to clarify what LY is? Is it just some proprietary blend of two or more of the following (PC/nylon/UHMWPE/POM)?


--- Quote from: Jefff on Mon, 29 May 2023, 20:27:39 ---Anybody want to clarify what LY is? Is it just some proprietary blend of two or more of the following (PC/nylon/UHMWPE/POM)?

--- End quote ---
Yup, to my knowledge, it's just a marketing name for POM mixed with UPE (UHMWPE) and/or PTFE. 


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