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[IC] Model OLED | GB Starts on 2024.1.12

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Hi guys. We've been dedicated on our next keyboard for the whole year. Finally we can bring up some good news.
The great IBM Model M has been the keyboard that we wanted to remake the most, and now we make it. Here we present to you the "Model OLED".

Model OLED shares the same ergonomic curve design that brings you a wonderful typing experience, even without a wrist rest. There's also a retro OLED pushbutton as a F13 key on top right corner.
Want a more retro vibe? Please turn on the solenoid that hides in the case to decorate your typing.

Model OLED top case comes with two colors: Industrial Grey and Vintage Beige. Both of them combined with a chromium plated bottom case. Every keyboard will be put into a carrying case and be delievered safetly to you.

Typing Test:


2024.1.8 Final Version

2023.12.07 New Bottom Case Engraving

2023.11.29 Internal Structure & Fully Built Photos

Full Album

Specification(2023.12.4 update, bottom case logo changed):

PCB Features(2023.11.30 updates):

.Designed by ekow@KeeBoyzLAB
.1.2mm thickness
.USB C interface
.QMK firmware, VIA supported
.TKL/WKL layout supported
.F13 OLED pushbottm. Programmable. Image(jpg, png, gif...) switching supported.

Case Features:

.6061 aluminum case
.High quality industrial coating
.Chromium plated bottom case
.Curved anodized silver aluminum switch plate
.Ergonomic curve design as IBM Model M

Case Colors:

.Industrial grey
.Vintage beige
.Chromium plated bottom case - additional


Groupbuy Time - 2024.01.12 to 2024.02.11
Estimated Shipping Time - 3 to 4 months after 2024.02.15

Options & Price:

.TKL & WKL versions
.Coated top case + coated bottom case - 450 USD
.Coated top case + chromium plated bottom case - 470 USD


.Top case
.Middle curved frame
.Bottom case
.Curved switch plate
.PCB (OLED pushbutton pre-installed)
.Solenoid & solenoid stand
.Poron dampener
.Rubber feet
.OLED screen protector
.Carrying case


Global - Play Keyboard
USA - NovelKeys_
Canada - ashkeebs
South Korea - Swagkeys
Europe - Candykeys
Oceania - Daily Clack
Vietnam - The Keebs Store
South East Asia - qwertyqop

Please follow our social medias for updates:

Discord Channel

Very nice. Rush Rush.
Is the PCB curved as well?


--- Quote from: masje on Tue, 31 October 2023, 08:41:43 ---Very nice. Rush Rush.
Is the PCB curved as well?

--- End quote ---

No. We made it able to combine with the curve.
More photos will be updated for detailed reference gradually. :)

The polished weight looks great. Is it stainless steel or PVD?

Interested in seeing how this sounds/builds altogether. Will keep an eye on the IC :thumb:

Will there be options for a different bottom plate?


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