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[IC] Model OLED | GB Starts on 2024.1.12

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Definitely joining the GB!


--- Quote from: mini_ninja_64 on Tue, 26 December 2023, 12:13:49 ---
--- Quote from: PlayKeyboardTW on Wed, 06 December 2023, 11:39:36 ---After receiving the feedback from community, we decide to change the engraving of bottom case to the logo specially designed for Model OLED. Below images are renders for everyone to have an idea.
There are also a couple of parts that we'll modify for better typing feel and building experience. We'll upload renders gradually for you to check. :thumb:

Vendors were also updated. :)

--- End quote ---

The new engraving is so much nicer :3

--- End quote ---

Thanks! Hope everyone can get the meaning of it. :thumb:

--- Quote from: evidentLEE on Tue, 02 January 2024, 17:58:50 ---Definitely joining the GB!

--- End quote ---

 :D :D :D


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