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[IC] WS Akuamarin - UPDATE!

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WS Akuamarin

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the IC for Wuque Studio Akuamarin! Inspired by the gemstone aquamarine (known in Japanese as akuamarin), this blue-green hue is known to convey a sense of tranquility, natural beauty, and calmness, often evoking the feeling of being near clear, refreshing water on a warm, sunny day.



Comparison photos under natural light, camera ISO of 800*

*Disclaimer: This photo has been white balanced on a color accurate monitor.

Manufacturer: Wuque Studio
Keycap Material: WS ABS
Keycap Thickness: TBD
Keycap Profile: Cherry

Base Kit + Novelty Kit combined will be $89 USD
Katakana Kit is TBD







Polycarbonate top case, Aluminum bottom case
NOTE: Specs are tentative and not final, please let us know your thoughts in the IC form!

Supported Layout:
6.25u & 7u spacebar
Split Spacebar (3u-1u-3u)
Split backspace
Split left shift
Stepped caps lock
per key RGB
Bluetooth 5.0
2.4G Hz
VIA compatible


"Basking in the warmth of a tranquil afternoon, you recline in a hammock, embraced by the gentle breeze and the soothing symphony of nature. The golden sunlight paints the surroundings with a warm glow as you lose yourself in the pages of a captivating book. The azure sky, blooming flowers, and distant stream create a picturesque backdrop, casting a spell of serenity. In the harmony of literature and nature, time seems to stand still, and the simple joy of a good book on a warm, sunny day embodies the timeless celebration of life's beauty."

A Note from PuNkShoO:
Heyo! I'm PuNkShoO, designer of the Cream Soda, Root Beer Float, Melody, Runner, and Summertime switches. When Whysoda first presented the concept of Akuamarin to me it really struck a cord. While we've had similar colorways nothing has really stuck out to me like this particular color and the vibe behind it. If you've followed my other switches you know I am all about the vibe. With Akuamarin I wanted to capture some commonalities between my previous designs and a slightly different element utilizing a dustproof stem.

Akuamarin takes the concept of the Wuque Studio Quartz switch and extends that vibe to a gem-like full nylon switch. The resulting sound lands somewhere near to the bottom out of the Cream Soda paired with a slightly more muted top out due to the long pole dustproof stem that serves to stabilize the axis while also bringing down the pitch a bit. Pair this beautiful sound signature with an absolutely stunning aesthetic and you've got a winner on your hands.

Translucent Nylon Housings
Translucent Nylon Long Pole Dustproof Stem
63.5g bottom out (Double Stage Spring) Length: 22mm
Prelube: Factory Lube!

A very special thanks to VAMP for being both a wonderful friend and my sounding board through this whole process. These renders would quite literally not exist without your expertise!

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to drop me a DM over on Discord @ whysoda
You may also join Wuques server and ask me anything there as well :)

PLEASE NOTE: Deskmat and future collabs TBD based on IC performance

2023-11-11: Novelties have been revised! Renders have also been modified to reflect the revised novelties.

2023-11-12: Base kit has been revised! The following changes have been applied: Added the 1.25u enter, changed win/menu to super, also included the sizes of each mod. When I have time, I'll go through and update the rest of the keyboard renders to reflect this change. In addition, I generated a new render for all of my 40s users. Board in the render is the CandyBar by TKC

2023-11-12 #2: I've added one more question on the IC Form regarding ABS/PBT. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts when they have a moment, thank you!

2023-11-19: Updated the 1.25u enter legend, base kit render has been adjusted to reflect this change

2023-11-26: Updated the pricing information!

2023-12-05: New renders of the zoom75 Akuamarin board added, new renders of switch collab added, new details regarding keycaps added, google form updated! In addition, I have received photos from manufacturing of the manu chip! Based on the photos alone, I have high hopes that the color is spot on! I should be receiving that in the coming weeks to compare to my pantone chip.

2023-12-12: Updated renders of the zoom75 Akuamarin board added, including new render of the back plate of the board!

2024-01-13: Updated photos of the manu chip including an additional comparison photo to the original pantone chip :D

2024-01-19: Updated information on the Akuamarin Switches

2024-02-01: Updated renders for the zoom75 Akuamarin board

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maybe you could differentiate this from the most recent WS set that ran which was also aquamarine by adding a nordeuk kit

i think that would be cool

you have some nice renders, but do you have samples?


--- Quote from: aicyborg on Thu, 09 November 2023, 19:36:43 ---maybe you could differentiate this from the most recent WS set that ran which was also aquamarine by adding a nordeuk kit

i think that would be cool

--- End quote ---

Hey! Thanks so much for your input. So the cap colors for the set you're referring to (WS Purquoise) are actually much more blue versus aquamarine in addition to having the purple specks, so they definitely are different!

--- Quote from: DirtyGingy on Thu, 09 November 2023, 19:54:35 ---you have some nice renders, but do you have samples?

--- End quote ---

Samples are not available yet apart from the Pantone chip. As soon as I get those in (if the IC does well, of course), I will make sure to include it in the post!

Beautiful color and solid kitting. Nicely done! Crossing my fingers this makes it through IC so we can get some photos!


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