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Stella 80
Designed by Knock Knock

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Hello everyone, this is ClickClack. We're honored to introduce a new studio we have discovered -- Knock Knock Studio. The designer K&K has been obsessed with customized keyboard kits for over 10 years and has been designing keyboards for over 7 years. The name "Knock Knock" was from the movie of THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS and designer K&K's favorite movie. It is a fitting metaphor for Chris Gardner's perseverance, even when life was stacked against him.


Its name, Stella, derived from the Latin word for star, encapsulates the design's ethos: to stand out in the vast universe of keyboard designs with a luminous charm. The keyboard's weight section tells a story of the night sky, where etched constellations and a dreaming face remind one of the tranquil beauty of a starlit evening.

In the front, the badge and logo are adding some accent with contrasting material. With leaf-spring mounting structure, Stella80 can provide a more even distribution of typing feedback, a reduction in typing fatigue due to its inherent 'give', and a premium, quiet sound profile.


Hotswap PCB

Soldered PCB



▶ 80% F13 TKL with fixed 7U spacebar
▶ Mounting Style: Gasket
▶ Layout: WK or WKL
▶ Material: Aluminum
▶ Front height: 18mm
▶ Typing Angle: 7.5°
▶ Weight: Approximately 3.3kg
▶ Badge: H62 Red Cooper & Mirror PVD (PVD color options: Colorful, Gold, Silver, Black and Blue)
▶ Weight: H62 Brass with Sandblasted Anti-Oxidation Coating
▶ Plate: PC, POM, FR4, Aluminum
▶ PCB: Hotswap 1.6mm non-flex cut(ANSI), Hotswap 1.2mm flex-cut(ANSI), Soldered 1.6mm non-flex cut(ANSI/ISO)


Badge options


- Anodized Black

- Anodized Silver

- Anodized Red

- Anodized Blue

- Anodized Burgundy

- Anodized Purple


- Electrophoresis White

- Electrophoresis Cream

- Electrophoresis Pink

- Electrophoresis Purple

- Electrophoresis Yellow


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So basically a fancier zoom tkl?

Some color combinations are very retro and advanced

I'd rather not have your logo front and center on the board.

The side profile looks very similar to cloudline, yet the "stella" plate and logo in front is ugly.


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