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[IC]Kyūbi Keyboard Kit / Color Render Updated

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Aregs Keyboard:
Kyūbi Keyboard Kits

Hello! I'm Aregs from NLandkeys.
We look forward to seeing your suggestions for Kyūbi!

The kit includes:
One Tented Alice-like Keyboard
One 75% Keyboard
One Numpad
5 Unique Switches
For only $239!

The tented Alice keyboard and 500 switches will also be sold together for $219.
Numpad and 75% will not be sold separately.

Switches can be purchased individually, but not in the 500pcs bundle in order to preserve the kit price.

Each keyboard can be configured with its own color.

Layered Weight Design
Nowadays, many budget keyboard backs tend to lack exciting designs, often appearing dull. We believe that design should not be compromised for affordability. As shown below, we have incorporated a layered treatment into the body and tail of the nine-tailed fox, allowing for a very unique effect. The process of achieving this design is notably complex; during field testing, we discovered that creating such a pattern using CNC technology takes much more machine time. Despite this, we have successfully maintained a very low price!

Kyūbi Alice Keyboard
Spray Coating Colours: Light Pink/Paris Pink/Deep Blue/Milky White/Lilac Purple/White
Anodized Colours: Black/Silver/Red/Yellow/Grey
Connectivity: Wired, Bluetooth 5.2, 2.4G Wireless
Plate: 1.5mm or 4mm, Polycarbonate or Aluminum
Mounting Style: Gasket Mount
Front height: 19.5mm
Material: Aluminum
Tenting Angle: 7
Mounting: Gasket
VIA and QMK Compatible Alice PCB
Hotswap included, solder available separately
No flex cuts!

Kyūbi Switch Details:
Switches in the Kyūbi Kit:
Clacky switches by Keygeek x 100pcs
Poppy switches by BSUN x 100pcs
Thocky switches by JWK x 100pcs
Tactile switches by Haimu x 100pcs
Silent switches by Huano x 100pcs
More details: MoreClacky Keygeek:
-UPE stem
-PBT bottom
-Nylon Top
-3.5mm travel
-53g 22mm springs
-Brand new proprietary mold
-Color: Black

Poppy Bsun:
-POK stem
-LY housing
-3.2mm travel
-58g 22mm springs

Thocky JWK:
-New P3 stem
-Nylon housing
-3.9mm travel
-45g 22mm springs
-Color: Black

Tactile Haimu:
-UPE stem
-POM housing
-3.4mm travel
-66g 20mm springs

Silent Huano:
-POM stem
-POK top
-Nylon bottom
-3.8mm total travel
-45g 22mm springs

Why are the prices so low?

1. We own an excellent processing factory called Krytex, who manufactured Molly60 previously.

2. Initially, we aimed to use Die casting techniques to reduce costs. However, Die casting parts could not be anodized to our standards. To address the issue, we redesigned the parts. Specifically, we split the "tent-shaped" section at the bottom of Alice, allowing the bottom pieces distinct sets of aluminum extrusion dies. This ensures high quality anodization. To facilitate high quality production, we have already invested $30,000 in tooling costs.

Process Interpretations

keyboard addition process is divided into four kinds

1.Full CNC

2.Aluminum extrusion die + finishing CNC

3.die casting, die casting products can not be anodized, because the product contains silicon this element

4.forging, forging can be anodized, and is not affected, but the forging mold is very expensive

Kyubi Alice's top case is forged, And the other parts are aluminum extrusion + finishing CNC(75% and Pad all are extrusion + finishing CNC), so it can also be called Full CNC

Cycle 7 also are aluminum extrusion + finishing CNC, so the quality is very good, this is not a die-cast cheap keyboard

3. We have procured a substantial quantity of materials to accommodate the production demands expected from the scale of orders. This proactive approach ensures our ability to fulfill a large number of orders efficiently.

I emphasize the aforementioned points to convey that we will not compromise on quality to achieve a low price. As a testament to our commitment to quality, we will be dispatching 25 prototypes for review. Stay tuned for the results!

The second batch of samples is almost done and will be sent out for reviews around 12/10.

GB Date: 1/20

Global: NLandkeys
United States: TBD
Canada: Mech.Land
Europe: Keygem
France: Deltakey
Vietnam: TKS & Soigear
Oceania: Allcaps
Taiwan: PannaKeyboard
Korea: Geon
Thailand: Aiglatson Studio
South America:fancycustoms

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Are you saying that the GB price includes 2 boards, 1 numpad & switches for $229-229?

What GBs have you completed previously?
(Sorry I should check your profile, just on mobile at the moment)

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I'll second the person above me.

Also, please remove the blocker above the right arrow on the 75%.



--- Quote from: Lyle88 on Fri, 01 December 2023, 06:15:51 ---Are you saying that the GB price includes 2 boards, 1 numpad & switches for $229-229?

What GBs have you completed previously?
(Sorry I should check your profile, just on mobile at the moment)

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--- End quote ---
Edit: $219-229*

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