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[IC] Domikey Minty Fresh - GB August 15th - Live

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Hi everyone, this is the interest check for Domikey Minty Fresh

Please fill out the IC FORM

For those who havenít been following since the beginning this set originally started as a simple colorway set and evolved into a set surrounding dental hygiene thanks to community feedback. I believe that awareness to Dental Hygiene is quite important as it is something many take for granted. Because of this I will be Donating 25% of my profit to the Americaís Tooth Fairy to help do my part in giving back.


The set uses Pantone 331 for the alpha's, and Pantone 295 for mods, with WS1 for the accents

(Comparison to GMK Necro; Necro the keycaps on top)

Jessica finally got back to me, I have her blessing to run the set.


Base: covers 60-TKL - $100 USD (iso being added to base)

(Staggered 40s folks; Currently Domikey is missing 2 keys to complete three key support, for some reason they have 1.75 backspace. An agreement has been made that is if the set hit 1k base kits they will make a new mold that will add the 1.25 Tab and 1.5 Enter along with Mod pipe and R2 2U backspace (thats for me). These keys will be added to the base kit, if achieved so if you do want the set get the base kit assuming it gets close )

Light Alphas - $40 USD:

Dark Alphas/Num - $50 USD:

Numpad - $22 USD:

Novelties - $45 USD: done by Nolsia

Spacebars - $30 USD: 2x1u, 2x1.75u, 6.25u, 7u, 2x2u, 2.75u, 2.75, 2x3u

RENDERS (by Skok)

Onyx, by FunderBurker:

8-bit 60, By Me:

Tiltedalice fake board by me:

Note: Keeb renders are done under different lighting and can change the way they appear, this correlates with real life. But these are still renders, meaning your screen can affect how you see the color.




-Base Kit $100 USD
-Minty Alphas $40 USD
-Deep Blue alphas $50 USD
-Novelties $45 USD
-Numpad $22 USD
-space bars $30 USD


I am working on a monkeytype theme and would love some feedback Monkeytype Theme


Updated the Base kit added Mod Pipe and Mod Tilde. Removed the 00 and 1.25 enter

Kitting completely redone to better work with DMK molds (domikey is different from GMK in that they do the kits in a single molds, meaning its more efficient but also less flexible.)

Domikey cherry comparison

Due to the fact domikey uses a different font, that it doesnt make sense to compare.

MoreI reached out to a community member for photos and comparison photos

For reference GMK Metropolis uses Pantone 5395 C and My set uses Pantone 540 C :

just to make this clear photos have flaws too when showing colors but I hope having the reference there helps you see how different my set is from nerco. The only similarity is the Green at most.

More images HERE

General info

- Profile: Cherry
- Material: ABS
- Production process: Double-shot (no triple-shot for this set, since no subs)
- mold style: Batch(gmk is single allowing for more flexibility but also takes longer)
- Current lead times: 3 months production after order placed; (this doesnít account for time to get to vendors)
- Country of production: China
- Color-matching Process: it is done before GB, colors will be chosen before you pay

Thank you so much for your support

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necro is that you?

first thing that came to mind is ...necro?

here is actual image of necro, render looks nothing like it (except to a certain somebody):

Please add mod tilde (and pipe).


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