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[IC] WYSE ISO and 9 key cluster UPDATED

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UPDATE: I reset the form, so please fill out the new version of the form if you are interested.



I have taken some pictures with a key checker of four different types of WYSE key sets that I own. You can see what you need from the pics to make each type of set complete. I have also made a new form which includes all of the different options available. I didn't have an ISO checker, sorry.

Here is what each set needs beyond the i3 / boost moogle currently in the Group Buy section:

WYSE PCE: Nothing. The Moogle is all you need.

WY50: `~, Tab, all of 9 key cluster, and part of the numpad (Num Lock, /, *, -, +, Enter)

WY60: `~, all of 9 key cluster, and part of the numpad (Num Lock, /, *, -, +, Enter)

WY85: All of 9 Key Cluster, Esc, and part of the numpad (Num Lock, /, *, -, +, Enter)

So there would be four options:

1. Compatibility Pack: I am going to suggest a compatibility pack which includes the following:

* `~
* Esc
Also, I would suggest the option to include dark grey versions of the ~` key and \| key so that modifiers match.

2. 9 Key Cluster Pack: 9 Key Cluster will still contain the 9 keys above the arrows:

* Print Screen
* Scroll Lock
* Pause
* Insert
* Home
* Page Up
* Page Down
* End
* Delete
3. ISO Pack: Would contain the usual ISO stuff? IDK, you Euro guys will have to fill me in there as to what it should include. The standard SP ISO set I guess, like the one in the Klaxon GB

4. Num Pad Pack: Contains Outside Edge of Num Pad in dark grey:

* Num Lock
* /
* *
* -
* +
* Enter

Reference Pics: WYSE PCE, WY50, WY60 & WY85

Since there is a WYSE moogle buy going on finally, I would like to know how much interest there is in doing a companion buy for the 9 key cluster or ISO compatibility sets. Judging from responses to the moogle buy thread, it looks like more people would buy moogles if they could get these options also...

If you don't know what I am talking about with the 9 key cluster:

I think 9 key cluster would allow you to buy the more obscure WYSE boards and use their keycaps on TKLs, the missing number pad keys wouldn't hurt either, but who uses those anyways :p

PS: Interested

I posted interest for two sets, based on price. If they end up too pricey, then I would be more interested in one of each.

I agree with both of you. The price will determine whether this is even feasible, but if enough people were interested...

filled the form :)


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