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[IC] Dual stem location Caps key

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This is just an Interest Check.  Looking to see who might be interested in a caps lock key with the ability to switch between center and offset stem simply buy pulling the stem out and reinserting into a different position on the cap.  Fair warning I do NOT have the CAD ability, resources, nor contacts to have this done.  What I do have however is a couple ideas on how this could work.  Just wondering if this would be something that people might be interested in. 

One idea involves molding added bits into the cap and the other involves cutting the stem and gluing other stuff into the cap.

whats wrong with the current center stemmped stepped capslocks we have from SP? I'm using both beige and black on my cherry sets and they work just fine

because then you could get the reg cap and the stepped cap and be able to use both on a board with either center or offset switch.

I think this is a really cool idea. It opens up a few options for capslocks that we could use. Plus I like seeing new fresh ideas ^__^

i3oiler just bought a new mold for stepped center stemmed caps locks. Buying yet another mold is do-able but expensive, plus I'm not sure if it is possible given the space inside the cap.


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