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Title: Keycap Sampler
Post by: hagos on Sat, 21 September 2019, 15:58:05

Wanted to know if you guys have some recommendations for samplers or if the Amazon sample kit is good enough. Also would like to hear what your recommendations are (yes I know everyone has a preference but I just want a starting place to figure out where to go).

What I use:
MX Blues on a HyperX keyboard - clicky, responsive, the bump is meh, possibly a little quieter than I would like, and too light. I find myself double pressing keys due to how light the switches are.

What I am looking at:
Kailh Thick Gold, Gold
MX white, green
Gateron Tealios
Halo Clear?
and lol Holy Panda's because they sound amazing but from what I hear are impossible to get? or around $5 per switch.

Look forward to hearing. ( ( (
Title: Re: Keycap Sampler
Post by: lolafineday on Mon, 23 September 2019, 00:43:28
Go on massdrop they sell holypandas, not as expensive as you think, I'll just list the best switches right now on the market, for linears: gateron inks, tactile: holy panda, zealios(preference) clicky: for heavier and super thick clicks go for box navy or box jade (I would advice against clickies) as linears and tactiles feel much better.

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