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Title: [TMK] HHKB Alt Controller with USB Type-C connector
Post by: hasu on Wed, 20 November 2019, 23:18:31
Controller with USB Type-C connector will be newly available for same cost within a few weeks hopefully.

Check first post in the original thread for other detailed information.

Difference is only its USB conector, USB Type-C vs USB Mini-B. Other part of controller is completely identical.

You don't have to file connector opening of its case and the Type-C connector fits into the existent opening.

Type-C connector is implemented on castellated daughter pcb to tune its height to the existent opening.

NOT USB 3. The controller works with USB 2 full speed.
NOT PD. Power delivery is not supported.

USE COMPLIANT CABLE. Don't use obscure cable. Get cable from reliable soruce.

Note that the Type-C connector is product from obscure Chinese manufacturer and not tested on the controller enough yet, while Mini-B connector is manufactured by reliable Hirose and have tested well by many users of the controller for years. I'd recommend controller with Mini-B unless you are obsessed awfully with Type-C.

Please check this notes on shipping under COVID-2019 pandemic ( before ordering. 2020-04-02

0. Check first post of the original thread ( and feel free to ask me if you have any question before placing an order.
1. Email me with subject "Type-C HHKB Alt" to let me know which variant of controller you want.
My email is:

2. I'll send invoice mail via PayPal in a few days.
3. Make a payment within seven days. Please supply correct shipping address on PayPal when the payment.
4. You will receive an email with tracking number from Japan Post after shipping. Let me know if you don't get tracking number in three bussiness days after payment.
    You can trace it here or your country's postal service like USPS. (Japan Post) (USPS)

Controller variants available:
    - Type-C USB Controller for Pro2
    - Type-C USB Controller for ProJP
    - Type-C Bluetooth Controller for Pro2
    - Type-C Bluetooth Controller for ProJP

Pro2 one supports all PD-KB400* models including Type-S.
ProJP one supports all PD-KB420* models including Type-S.

    42USD [for Type-C USB Controller]
    79USD [for Type-C Bluetooth Controller]

    Paypal Invoice will be sent to your email. You'll be able to make a payment with credit card on Palpal even if you don't have Paypal account.

    World wide shipping at same rate 6USD per order. Registered Small Packet with tracking and insurance.