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Title: Looking for a keyboard that matches these features
Post by: fns on Sun, 09 February 2020, 19:46:26
Looking to see if there are any good keebs you guys would recommend that match some or all these features (kinda in order of importance):

- Mechanical
- Low enough that i don't need a palm rest (under 30mm, for comparison, I own the Drop ALT High-Profile (, and the Keychron K2 (, I need to use a palm rest for both or I start feeling some pain on my wrists)
- 65% or TKL (dedicated arrow keys are a must, but don't want it to be full sized either)
- Sexy design, but keycaps can be changed so less important
- Hot swappable switches
- Compatible with Mac and Windows, with dedicated keys and physical switch like the Keychron K2 I linked above
- Dedicated row for function keys (like the K2)
- Can be wired (I don't care about Bluetooth or battery, having a battery may additional cost, complexity, and makes the board bulkier / taller)

The Keychron K1 seems to meet more reqs than others I've seen, specially it being low profile (haven't tried it yet). Any ideas?