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Title: gBoards of Canada - Opinions? Experiences?
Post by: squizzler on Wed, 22 April 2020, 12:24:13
Currently I am running a Falbatech Minidox (bamboo case) which is great but I am finding the multifunctinality ( of the thumb keys necessitated by the minimal key count results in the frequent breaking my writing flow with typos caused by inadvertently activating layers. I am looking now at a lightweight travel keyboard to replace the Minidox. I am willing to entertain the possibility of also acquiring a heavy workstation keyboard in the Redox or Keyboardio bracket when the new generation of these machines is released.

I am really keen on the gBoards ( Gergo which give enough additional keys to overcome the handicaps of the Minidox without adding keys I have managed to live without. It also ought in practice to be no bulkier than the Minidox because the larger number of keys should be offset by the dispensation of discrete pro-micro boards allowing the unit to be more svelte, particularly with the "choc" switches. gBoards offer completes with no chassis, just the bare PCB (so no switch plate) and the so-called "Heavy" with steel plate enclosure at 1.2kg. My Minidox (yes, both halves) weighs 345g.

Whilst I want this to be a travel keyboard, IMO a naked PCB with components soldered to it takes minimalism a little too far. But 1.2 kg sounds an awful lot to carry about, if only occasionally. Where is the Gergo "middleweight" with a lighter case? Am I alone in this aspiration, and if not, does anybody offer such a thing?
Title: Re: gBoards of Canada - Opinions? Experiences?
Post by: iaji on Thu, 09 July 2020, 05:22:47
you can print / cut it by yourself with the files in this repo: