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Title: BSP, a bit dissapointed but not really
Post by: typo on Thu, 21 May 2020, 08:55:31
I got two BSP sets. I really like them. However I was of the understanding that people had stated that they were over 1.5mm thick?
I measured them all with a high end Japanese calibrated calipers. They range from just under 1.4mm to about1.46xxxmm. You can obviously forget about that many decimals. I am just going to say average 1.43mm here. It really makes no difference. they perform fine for me. Either I was mistaken what I thought I had read or something else is in effect. What, I have no clue. Again, it hardly matters. this is just another of my controversial postings :)

I am going to honestly say over 1.3mm a keycap if otherwise of high quality is absolutely fine to me. Thickness alone hardly makes the cap. Although I do not want a .7mm cap either of course.
As usual, with the above I am just nitpicking. It really means absolutely nothing. For one thing I am not even entirely sure anyone ever stated they were in fact over 1.5mm. Although most of my real Cherry are. Seriously, I hardly care though. I just wanted to state my findings about them. That is all. So in the future someone can search how thick they are. If someone has not said so already. Which is very likely possible anyways. Search did not work good for me.

The bottom line: I feel that these are just like the cherry ones. They should be since AFAIK they are the original molds? As to why they have less material I have no clue. I would think they would have to fill the mold?

Title: Re: BSP, a bit dissapointed but not really
Post by: typo on Fri, 22 May 2020, 08:30:33
I am glad you all have kept from feeding into this. Please continue to refrain. When and if I actually have something productive to post I am sure you all will be aware. I am actually so disjointed I actually seem to amaze myself. What I said was indeed truthful, but who the heck cares? Please just do not respond to this thread for my own good. I do not wish that the mods delete it. I wanted it for reference purposes only. Thank you