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Title: [WTB] Cruciformer/Nubrist, M/F flippers/barrels/etc, Beamsprings, more
Post by: cheater on Wed, 16 December 2020, 18:36:16
Pretty big shopping list ahead of me, so I thought I'd put it down here for people to peruse.

Located in Austria. Let me know what your shipping rate is to Vienna please.

Looking for:
1. Cruciformer or Nubrist in good cond
2. Model F barrels, flippers, and springs, as well as flippers and springs for a model M. Need them to experiment with whether you can convert M flippers to capacitive.
3. Beamspring key switches in good condition (they're going in a keyboard) or full beamspring keyboards
4. Model M/F keycaps, specifically all-gray F row up to 24 (Either F1-F24 or Cmd1-Cmd24 or similar, must have all caps); also cool modifiers
5. Set of model M keycaps, good cond, US qwerty
6. Soarer or qmk or tmk converters from XT to USB, from PS/2 to USB, and from model M terminal to USB. Remappable.
7. Alps to MX slider conversion kit, including switch tops and stabilizer inserts
8. MT3 key sets (unused)
9. Model F keyboards in any cond as long as barrels and sliders are not scratched up or dirty inside
10. qmk controllers based on STM32 (need two-three)
11. xwhatsit qmk for both model F and beam spring
12. Clicky switch testers. Surprise me, I don't have much here except for the IBM boards (beam, F, M) and cherry red/blue. I like clicky keys that aren't scratchy. Modern or vintage.
13. Solenoids and beepers
Title: Re: [WTB] Cruciformer, M/F flippers/barrels/etc, Beamsprings, more
Post by: HoffmanMyster on Tue, 22 December 2020, 23:29:53
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