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Title: Bluetooth IBM Model M Keyboard?
Post by: ezrahilyer on Sun, 28 September 2014, 10:33:31
Hey everyone. I have been converting Model Ms (mostly 122key terminal variants) to internal USB (using Soarers converter) and I have 3 more that I bought as a lot to convert. (2 standard 101 key models and one more 122 key terminal variant) since I ran out of the 4 I had at first.

The bluetooth module I will be using is the adafruit Bluefruit, and I will use a bulkhead connector for charging the internal battery, and a small pairing and power button on the rear of the keyboard. ( i saw a project using the blue fruit and they used a very large light up button, but I think that ruins the vintage look of the keyboard)
here is the project I will base my conversions on: ( the only difference will be that I intend to use a much smaller more descrete paring button, and I will probably use a larger battery.
I saw that there was a guy who had made his own controller board for the model M that was bluetooth, and had a lot of interest in them, if I do full conversions to bluetooth, do you think there would be much interest? Is Bluetooth a very much desired feature?

Seems that the limitation is the constant charging up that Bluetooth requires.
Any bluetooth Model M fans here?

-Ezra (
Title: Re: Bluetooth IBM Model M Keyboard?
Post by: GL1TCH3D on Mon, 29 September 2014, 11:02:07
Well I'll start by wishing you good luck on your project!
I'm not a big fan of bluetooth unfortunately. Mainly because most of the keyboards I use aren't mean to be moved around and I've never needed one that's wireless.
Though if you do go through with it I'm interested in seeing how it turns out for you!
Title: Re: Bluetooth IBM Model M Keyboard?
Post by: hglibarnes on Thu, 16 March 2017, 21:01:24
Interested but for a Model F. Would this work for a Model F XT?