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Title: Hello from Oregon (New Member/Vendor)
Post by: Techbuys on Tue, 27 March 2018, 14:45:40
Hello geekhack,

My name is Zach! I have been working in collaboration with a small group of passionate in individuals to create a new group buy website - ( (only a cover page with contact options is available) - for enthusiasts who enjoy collecting keycaps and keycap sets, finding keyboards to keep all those keycaps on, building powerful computers and discovering new and fascinating tech products. I want to tell you a little more about our website and our goals but we would also love to get any feedback.

We have big plans for what we would like our website to look like but, for now, we will be using a simple but effective solution: Squarespace. You may notice that our landing page looks similar to a certain other group buy websiteís past landing page. Surprisingly enough that web page is a template available on Squarespace! We donít plan on keeping that landing page for too long but admit that we like the template as well (let us know if anyone disapproves though).

We donít want to be just some group buy website; we aim to one day be a go-to for the mech key and tech communities. Keycaps designers and artisans- we want to work with all of you to make your keycaps a reality so please consider reaching out to us for your next projects. Techies- we have an idea of what at least some of you would be interested in (reasonably priced graphics cards and keyboards) but please let us know if you have anything specific in mind.

That is all I have for now but what do you all think? Does sound like you would be interested in trying? Community is what make the mech key and tech groups great so please give us any and all feedback!

Note: We reached out to a mod and an admin to see if there was a better place for us to post since we're also a vendor but we didn't get a response. If we can't post here because of that please feel free to delete this post.
Title: Re: Hello from Oregon (New pMember/Vendor)
Post by: shadowrealmwarez on Tue, 27 March 2018, 15:38:10
I read and thought of someone wanting to buy techy stuff, don't take this the wrong way, but I don't see many artisan makes wanting to pair up with a "resller(?)" to distribute their keys as that may just add to the price. Take for example ETF, has had huge sales, some that lasted for weeks, ran successfully, everything shipped quickly, and didn't need a website to do any of it just a google form and paypal, the prices are competitive for what other artisan makes charge, and of course depends on the maker, cap, complexity, etc...but I don't see many lining up to want to sell through your store as I am sure you'd want a piece of the pie.

But I do commend you for trying to be a 1 stop shop, if you could find a way to host tutorials, guides, and wiki stuff in 1 place rather then visiting Reddit, GH, and various other sites and requiring some Google-Fu you might just have something.
Title: Re: Hello from Oregon (New pMember/Vendor)
Post by: Techbuys on Tue, 27 March 2018, 16:23:21
Hey there,

Thanks for getting back to us. Artisan caps would actually, for the most part, be treated as an existing product. Our vendor relations team would contact them and attempt to work out a discounted price for a large group order just like any other existing product. The goal with the price would be for the artisan maker to be able to profit, for us to possibly profit (In most cases, we're happy to group buy low margin items if it's something the community wants. Since we're a privately held startup, our lives don't need to revolve around investor return which is nice), and still be able to provide the item at a slightly discounted cost.

It's very true that not all artisans may be interested. Our target artisan would be someone who either doesn't have the time to manage the group-buy, logistics, or payment processing themselves, or simply doesn't want to. For them we're more of a value-added service.

We were absolutely thinking about having a dedicated section for Guides/Tutorials for each sub-community on our site. I'm glad to see that at least you would like to see something like that. Our biggest goal currently is to raise enough money to have a custom site built (they're expensive). All of the feedback we receive will be discussed in out site roadmap meeting so that we shape the site how members of the community want.

- Zachary
Title: Re: Hello from Oregon (New pMember/Vendor)
Post by: Techbuys on Sun, 08 April 2018, 20:34:44
I wanted to update this to let anyone who might have gone to the originally listed website that there was an error in our URL. Our website is and not If anyone went to, you did not visit our website. We very much apologize for the error.

Title: Re: Hello from Oregon (New Member/Vendor)
Post by: otanishock on Mon, 24 September 2018, 08:40:27
Is there any way that I can reach you guys at? Have a couple questions regarding the status of my order.