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Title: Goldtouch v2 Thoughts?
Post by: Gerk on Sat, 22 September 2012, 10:49:41
Has anyone here tried one yet?  I just pulled the trigger on ordering one ... while it's rubber domes (far from my fav) the layout seems to be exactly what I need.  Just curious if anyone has tried one yet and what their thoughts are on them.  I also ordered an Evoluent Verticalmouse 4 along with it.  Hopefully these will both help me, have been having way too many issues lately with hands and arms for my liking and after having spent a whack of dough on specialists and therapists it's time to banish the flat/un-split boards and crappy mice from my domain.

I also looked at the Kinesis Freestyle but I liked the goldtouch better in terms of the ability to set the splay and tenting angles without having to use additional components ... I figure that at least with the goldtouch I can keep playing with it until I get just the right angles of things for my liking and the chances of the pre-determined angles provided by the freestyle accessories being what I want/need are probably pretty slim -- that I don't want to end up having to go through a few different accessories until I find something that's reasonably comfortable for my needs.
Title: Re: Goldtouch v2 Thoughts?
Post by: sordna on Sun, 23 September 2012, 02:07:51
I have an old Goldtouch, which I like quite a bit, but have never tried a v2. It would be interesting to measure the force it takes to activate a keypress, if you could. I did that for my Goldtouch v1 and it measured at about 40 grams (which is lighter than cherry reds!):
Title: Re: Goldtouch v2 Thoughts?
Post by: Gerk on Sun, 23 September 2012, 16:55:00
I will give it the ole rip-o-meter once I get it in my hands -- have a bag of appropriately weighted nickels set aside for just that task :)

I can also compare it to a Topre as I've owned a couple now (and since sold them so I can't do direct A/B comparison).  I wasn't a big fan of the Topre's.  At first I LOVED the feel of them, but as time went on I didn't enjoy them as much and went back to cherry based boards.  I think you're right in that some of the previous generations had varying quality too, I've read that in a few places now.  Hopefully with the v2's they will be consistent (or at least that I get one o the better versions).  It's so new that I imagine they are only being made in one place (so far).

I love the configurability of it and the fact that it's a mostly standard layout for the key placement, and it seems very tiny.  Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy the rubber domes in it, but I'm willing to trade love of the keys for pain-free typing at this point :)  I wish I had have looked at this boards a while back to be honest, but I always kind of ruled them out because they weren't mechanical switches so I never looked more closely at them and saw the way they are designed until recently *face palm*