Author Topic: [US] [SOLD] Ducky Shine 2 Cherry MX Brown, Magenta/Purple LEDs - DK9008S2  (Read 1059 times)

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Here's the link to ebay:

The keyboard has been awesome, just getting rid of one to make room for another one.  Everything on it works perfectly, the picture on ebay is with all the LEDs lit up to show they all work.  I'm the original owner, comes from a smoke free and pet free home for those of you who are concerned about that.  Not sure what other questions anyone might have but ask away.  I can also take more detailed pictures and post them here if anyone wants.  I'll just be shipping it in the same exact box that it was shipped to me in by  Also, it comes with the original box and all the original accessories like the WASD red keys, a key puller, USB cable, velcro thingie.
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