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custom layout
« on: Sat, 15 August 2015, 22:16:38 »
I mostly play dota 2 and typing. I just thinking about what if i swap all the keys on F row to the number row. Or should i stay with my hhkb pro 2 and keep with the layout?

P.S. i'm new here and i don't know how to post a picture so i would appreciate your help.

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Re: custom layout
« Reply #1 on: Tue, 18 August 2015, 00:36:46 »
Can you give more information on why you think swapping them would be useful? Typing wise it sounds like it wouldn't help because of the extra reach on numbers and symbols. For Dota you can rebind keys so I don't see it helping there either

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Re: custom layout
« Reply #2 on: Tue, 18 August 2015, 01:11:41 »
If your goal is to optimize playing DOTA, then you might want to think concretely about what actions are needed within that game, how often and in which combinations, and then move those actions all to keys within easy reach of some resting hand position. A column-staggered keyboard like the Ergodox or similar might help, but even a standard keyboard is fine. But note that you don’t have to start with your fingers on the traditional “home” position for typing, and you don’t have to align your motions as you would when typing.

For an example of a careful game layout for standard ANSI keyboards, there are some folks who made a pretty careful layout for Starcraft that someone was talking about here on Geekhack a year or so ago. (I couldn’t remember the name so I just googled for ”starcraft keyboard layout”, heh.)

For instance:

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