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Choosing keyboard for emacs/xmonad user
« on: Mon, 17 August 2015, 01:50:25 »
Recently I started thinking about switching to mechanical keyboard (currently I use a standard curved keyboard where I can touch type). As one of my coworkers had a sample set of switches I could try a few and I liked the clear switches the best (with both greys on second and brown on close third). As he had a clear keyboard I borrowed it for a day. While it had a very good feeling I've noticed that something's 'wrong' with my wrist after day of typing on that keyboard, which made me consider my options before making decisions.

About my use-case:
  • I'm programmer and I use emacs/xmonad so I use relatively large number of special keys and symbols
  • While I currently touch type I usually use 2-4 fingers
  • Programmability of keyboard would be an additional plus as KVM switch requires 5 key presses to switch by keyboard
  • I do use the laptop from time to time

I've thought so far about following keyboards:
  • Standard flat mechanical keyboard with a wrist rest and/or adjustment of height of desk. This seems to be fastest (no relearning) & cheapest option.
  • TEK keyboard - it seems nice though it's doesn't seems to be very programmable
  • Kinesis Advantage - it seems bulky and intimidating but I've read some good reviews. Also the feature list includes the macros
  • ErgoDox - it's not immediately available as I don't have any workbench for soldering. However it should have great programmability

(This is almost a repost from new member forum but I did get a suggestion there to post here and I could not find any guideline regarding reposting etiquette)

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Re: Choosing keyboard for emacs/xmonad user
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 17 August 2015, 03:34:05 »
From the options you propose, I would go with kinesis advantage and I would add palm switches (so that keypad shift is easily available):

Allegedly kinesis advantage can have problems with USB3 on Win7. In the worst case, a replacement controller can fix it:

I built my own version of split kinesis with middle columns from ergodox and thumb clusters from maltron:

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Re: Choosing keyboard for emacs/xmonad user
« Reply #2 on: Mon, 17 August 2015, 15:01:14 »
Being an Emacs user myself, I really like my 80key ErgoDox with essentially two rows of thumb keys (see here).