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Re: [GB] M65-A | Made with RAMA.WORKS (Complete)
« Reply #3600 on: Mon, 25 March 2019, 11:40:20 »
What's the layout look on the KBD65? Because it has a blocker near the arrow keys from the info? and there's no more mini usb versions

KBD65 PCB supports a few layouts, for some reason KBDfans didnt put that on their site. The KBD67 board itself does have a blocker, which the PCB supports that layout.
My KBD65 PCB is still going strong with no issues. USB-C is always an option at least.. :(
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Re: [GB] M65-A | Made with RAMA.WORKS (Complete)
« Reply #3601 on: Mon, 25 March 2019, 19:19:23 »
took a couple of years but I finally built my M65!

Would like to thank a couple of peeps that helped me out along the way.
Jchan for your patience
Rama for allowing me to make a custom alu bottom
Switchnollie for creating the Key and Co keyset
Thesiscamper for helping me find a manufacturer to make the bottom
zanduby for sending me extra screws ^_^

I tried doing the washer mod but I couldn't get the usb port to fit seemed like I was gonna break the pcb if I forced it in.

Also, this board esd'd on me once but has been okay so far. just gotta remember to ground myself before using it.

that being said I have a spare nylon bottom that's a bit bowed I am willing to send it to someone who needs it just pay shipping :)