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DataHand question
« on: Sat, 02 September 2017, 10:37:38 »
DataHand has F-keys on mouse function mode.
Some CAD programs use F-keys and mouse together; but DataHand mouse movement is not suitable for CAD.
Are there other applications that use F-keys and mouse together?

I am asking because I am designing a 36-key x 4-layer keyboard.
I would put F-keys and mouse on separate layers if there is no good reason to have them on the same layer.

Thank you.
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Re: DataHand question
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 06 September 2017, 20:09:03 »
There are lots of times when I expect to be able to hit a function key while using the mouse. Alt-F4, F5 for refresh. F8 for single steps in my debugger, all of the function keys mapped to stuff in various games.

But the great thing is that you can set it up for what you need or want and someone else can change the layout to suit themselves

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Re: DataHand question
« Reply #2 on: Thu, 07 September 2017, 21:32:56 »
Thanks OldDataHands :thumb:.  That's what I needed to know.