Author Topic: [GB] Syruplabs X CRP UPDATE: CRP2.2 WILL BE USING R3 MOLDS (Complete)  (Read 42088 times)

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Key Update below

2020-03-11 Update
- CRP is no longer a one-man production. The cavalry is arriving tonight here or tomorrow in china and they'll be pulling OT to get the sets done. tada
- With that being said, ETA early to mid April to us - this is accounting for any shipping delays that may occur due to Covid19
- next update sometime next week
- Thank you again to all our participants going on this wild ride with us

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2020-03-21 Update

- Production is 80% there. Arabic is finished see here:
- Again on track for April ship date
- Will update again on 2020-03-30 expect a non-update as we are finishing up production.

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This looks good, I'm not sure how I managed to miss the GB. Will there be extras after the GB orders have shipped?

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Any update?

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Any update?
2020-04-06 Update
- same as last week's
- just waiting on shipping

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As of the last update they're still finishing up manufacturing.

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Some Updates from the Discord (2020-05-18)
- Opt-in form for GB participants who want to try for extras and want to hopefully get their order + extra in one shipment. If a GB participant is not interested in extras they won't have to fill out the form and will be sent their order once the shipment arrive.
- Shipment is currently on track to hit customs by Wednesday and expected to spend about a week there. Shipment of GB orders should occur either by this weekend or next.
- Details for extras will be revealed once the GB orders have been accounted for. There will be ample warning before they drop.

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Updates as of 2020-06-12

Most orders have been dropped off at he courier's office and paypal tracking will be updated slowly heading towards the end of the weekend. If you have not received tracking by the 16th please contact the support team.

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Received my order yesterday. Perfect. Spacebar is flat as can be, no complains!  :thumb:

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Looking to buy a 1u R4 Windows key off someone. Me from the past was an idiot and should have bought the kit  :-[

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Looking for a 65% kit if anyone wants to part with theirs.
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